A booklet can help in the communication between you and your clients/visitors. It can be used to promote events during the year as a program book, or it can inform your clients of the products you sell as a catalogue or info booklet.

Booklets can be designed in many formats and the lay-out is completely free as long as the content is clearly mentioned for the reader. Design and functionality work hand in hand


Folders are more compact and can be ideal when you want to send out all necessary information in a quick and compact way without clients/visitors having to flip through pages. 

Folders are often used for events or if you want to highlight or promote a seperate product.

Logo design

Logo’s are a great way to introduce your brand to the public. With a logo you can show what your company stands for, what you sell or promote and it can add an additional value as a recognizable icon for your customers. 

What makes a great logo? Usability, instant brand recognition and the esthetic part all play a roll in designing a great logo. The primary goal is to identify the company, product, person or service it’s designed for.